16 Dec

The Connecticut Hospice, Inc. Children’s Party Honoring Newtown’s Own Children’s Store Proprietor

The Connecticut Hospice, Inc. Children’s Party Honoring Newtown’s Own Children’s Store Proprietor

Branford, CT – Hospice children and grandchildren will be in attendance for The Connecticut Hospice, Inc.’s annual Christmas Party, on Saturday, December 20, 2014 from 12:00 to 3:00 p.m., when Santa Claus arrives by boat.

This year, the honored guest is Lisa Rose, who is the proprietor of The Bead of Roses, a store for children, in Newtown, CT.

The aftermath of the Newtown incident saw Lisa call on the pediatric art’s caregivers of The Connecticut Hospice to help some of the children.

The Connecticut Hospice has a dedicated pediatric section, both in home care and at the hospital, for children and their brothers and sisters.

Sponsored by the Arts Department, Santa goes through The Connecticut Hospice-Hospital Wings by 3:00 p.m.

16 Dec

Hospice Care Adds Months for Cancer Patients

If you have better quality of life, may result in more quantity of life.

Branford, CT – Dr. Wen-Jen Hwu, M.D., Ph.D., member of the Board of Directors of The Connecticut Hospice, Inc. and Chairman of The Professional Advisory Committee, Professor, Department of Melanoma Medical Oncology at MD Anderson in Texas and National Chairman of Woman in Cancer Research noted that,

“Researchers from MD Anderson Cancer Center determine that hospice care significantly increases survival rates among patients with metastatic stage IV melanoma. Those that received four or more days of hospice care, had an average survival period of 10.2 months, compared to those that received no hospice care, which averaged 6.1 months.”

Since Dr. Hwu has been with Connecticut Hospice for over 25 years and was the former Medical Director, she believes that hospice care would work for many people, with many diseases, just as the research cited above.

23 Sep

Calgary Hospital brings Japanese Medical Team to The Connecticut Hospice, Inc. September 10, 2014


A physician and two nurses from Sappora, Japan toured Connecticut Hospice to see our Palliative Care Program that provides excellence in care to our patients. Connecticut Hospice, recognized internationally as a leader in hospice and palliative care, was chosen to be a part of the Calgary Hospice Educational Program. The John D. Thompson Foundation was proud to host Dr. Toshiro Kusakabe, Keiko Kusakabe RN, and Makiko Hirata RN from the Higasi General Hospital, Sapporo, Japan.

11 Sep



Acclaimed Surgeon/Sculptor Southwick; Renowned Sculptor Lucchesi and spouses to be honored in Branford September 21st.

On Sept. 21, acclaimed doctor and sculptor Wayne O. Southwick, M.D., Chairman of the Board, and his mentor, world-renowned Italian sculptor Bruno Lucchesi, will be honored with their spouses at their poignant bronze sculpture crafted for the country’s first hospice, The Connecticut Hospice, Inc. in Branford, CT.

The life-sized sculpture of a nurse with raised, lighted torch, aside family members supporting a loved one, embodies the circle of care at Connecticut Hospice Inc. In recognition of hospice’s focus on family as an indivisible element of a patient’s care, the 2014 “Patient Advocate for Life” awards will be presented to the sculptors and their wives who have so lovingly supported them in their lives, said President and CEO Mrs. Marc Alphons Hurzeler.

“It’s a testament to how strong each couple is as a team; and how together they have put their talents into creating this beautiful symbol of hope that graces our grounds,” said Hurzeler.

Installed in 2007, the sculpture is the focal point of an annual “Legacy of Hope” ceremony held each fall at Connecticut Hospice, Inc. This year’s Sept. 21 ceremony will be especially notable as it also marks hospice’s 40th year – or 21st millionth minute – of care to the palliative community.

“In this year, as we celebrate our 21st millionth minute of care, in which every minute is precious, we recognize the creators of this beautiful sculpture that is so symbolic of how patients and family are at the center for care at hospice,” said Hurzeler.

Southwick is Co-Chairman of the Connecticut Hospice Board of Directors and Chairman of the Old Lyme Academy for the Arts when he undertook creating the statue with his mentor as a gift to hospice. His acclaimed career in medicine includes credit in pioneering work in cervical spine surgery and culminated with his appointment as Professor and Chief of Orthopedic Surgery at Yale University School of Medicine. Many of Southwick’s sculptures are installed at Yale School of Medicine. Southwick met and married his wife, Jessie Ann (Seacrest) Southwick, during his medical studies at the University of Nebraska.

Lucchesi has been recognized as “the last of the Renaissance sculptors.” Since the 1950’s, he has created over 70 public works around the world, from China to Colorado, New York to New Haven (at Yale University). His wife, Ann Rosow-Lucchesi, is a West Hartford native and accomplished artist and sculptor.

Non-profit Connecticut Hospice Inc. operates with the knowledge that every minute of life is precious. Established in Branford in 1974, this year marks hospice’s 40th anniversary, or 21st millionth minute, of providing exceptional care for all in need. As the nation’s top-rated, award- winning hospice, The Connecticut Hospice Inc. continues to set the national standard for home and inpatient hospice care.


23 Apr

The Norma F. Pfriem Foundation has granted an extraordinary opportunity for Hospice patients and families


 Norma F. Pfriem Foundation has granted beds for Connecticut Hospice

L to R: Delfino; Nina, RN Instructor; Rachel, Fairfield University Nursing student; Carol*, an original Pioneer of our first bed; Judy, RN*, also a founder of the first bed and weekend supervisor; Robert, Director of Engineering; Lynne, our photographer in nursing; and Luis.

A special Thank You to the Norma F. Pfriem foundation for their generous donation of 52 beds.

A special Thank You to the Norma F. Pfriem foundation for their generous donation of 52 beds.

The Norma F. Pfriem Foundation has granted an extraordinary opportunity for patients and families to have the luxury of a first-class bed, upon their arrival. The Connecticut Hospice, Inc., the first palliative teaching hospital, who received the first Advanced Palliative Care certification in the United States of America, became the recipients of an enormous gift.

A beautiful bed for each patient and family with a state-of-the-art mattress, as envisaged in the finest homes in America, arrived for our bedrooms on Thursday, March 20, 2014.

As Spring evolves, our Norma F. Pfriem beds, together with our precious patients, will be seen on the Norma F. Pfriem Promenade. The Norma F. Pfriem Promenade, goes right to the sea and in their new Norma F. Pfriem beds, our patients will be able to sit up and enjoy the splendor of sunrises and sunsets with their families.

One of our housekeepers, Luis, said that this would be “beautifully best for families.”

Co-Chairman of the Board and of the Professional Advisory Committee, Dr. Wayne Southwick, M.D., together with Dr. Wen-Jen Hwu, M.D., Ph.D., Board of Directors and Chairman of Professional Advisory Committee, The University of Texas MD Anderson Cancer Center, Professor, Department of Melanoma Medical Oncology and United States Chairman of Woman in Cancer Research, and member Chief William Farrell, who is also Chairman of the President’s Circle, “never has a gift been beamed more intensely at our patients and families.” The only exception was 14 years ago when Norma F. Pfriem, herself, granted the state-of-the-art beds to each patient and family.

The nursing staff all participate in the International Norma F. Pfriem Fellowship in Hospice and Palliative Care Nursing, has enabled over sixty-eight (68) of the nurses to sit and pass their national boards in hospice and palliative care and thirty-three (33) of our certified nurses aides.

Some of those staff, pictured here in their ta-dah mode, were the very ones who selected the first* state-of-the-art, ICU superbly crafted mattress to support the remarkable patients that we are honored to care for.

The luxury of this support is only matched by the magnificence of the Norma F. Pfriem nursing staff at the Hospice, as “The Connecticut Hospice, Inc. will celebrate its 40th Anniversary, or in a place where every minute counts, its 21st Million Minute, “Operation Blessings”.

Eileen Mino
The Connecticut Hospice, Inc.
Communications Department
emino@hospice.com http://www.hospice.com