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A Special Issue: Hospice / Physician Assisted Living (PAL)

Table of Contents

Guest Editor:

Rosemary Johnson-Hurzeler

Cover Design:

Marcel P. Blanchet


Richard Blumenthal
  773   The Connecticut Initiative
Gerald E. Thomson,   775   Physician Assisted Living:The PAL Partner Initiative
Rosemary Johnson-Hurzeler,        
Gilbert Fraunhar, and Kaye Howe        
special articles:        
Rosa L. DeLauro   779   Connecticut Leads the Way in the
Physician Assisted Living Initiative
George L. "Doc" Gunther and ToniHarp   781   State Leadership Perspective
Joseph A. Califano, Jr   783   PAL—The Counterweight to Physician Assisted Suicide
Thomas Hoyer   785   The Physician Assisted Living (PAL) Program
Elizabeth A. Johnson   787  

Sacred Ground at the Bedside:
The Hospice Caregiver as Partner of God's Compassion

Michael Merson,
and Elizabeth H. Bradley

Enhancing Awareness of Hospice Through
Physician Assisted Living: Public Health Perspectives

Myra L. Skluth   791   The Physician's Role as Care Giver
Frank J. Brescia, Frederick A. Flatow,   793   Medical Students and Palliative Care
William Scott Long, and Sandra Klimas        
Gerald N. Burrow
and Margaret Johnson Bia

Physician Assisted Living:
Medical Educators' Perspectives


Christopher J. Dodd
  796   The National Legislative Perspective
Joseph 1. Lieberman   796   The Helping Hand from Hospice
    797   Bibliography
        The President's Page

Stanley J. Keating, Jr.
  799   Address of the President to the House of Delegates
        Reflections on Medicine

Robert U. Massey

  803   When the Time for Heroics Has Passed
        Medical News Capsules
Timothy B. Norbeck   805   This Month's Reading in Review
        Letters to the Editor
Edward J. Volpintesta   806   Board Certification Revisited
        From the Executive Director's Office
CSMS   807   Semi-Annual Council Meeting
Timothy B. Norbeck   811   Address of the Executive Director
CSMS-IPA, Inc.   814   Report to the House of Delegates of the CSMS
    815   Book Review
    816   Consumer Concern or Complaint Form
    817   CSMS Physician Placement Service
    819   Yearly Index

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